am 2023-03-22 mit Hans Peter Müller

David Lindley:
- Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Very Greasy, 1988
- Mercury Blues
El Rayo Live, 1983

Savoy Brown:
- Going Down South
- Gypsy Healer
- Texas Love
- Winning Hand
Blues All Around, 2023

Lucky Peterson:
- Let's Go Get Stoned
- Move
- Tin Pan Alley
- I'm Back Again
Move, 1997

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:
Aufnahmen aus der schwedischen Reihe "I Blueskvarter. 1964, Vol. 3 (2004)

Snooks Eaglin:
- Careless Love
- I'm Looking For A Woman

Babe Stovall:
- Gonna Move To Kansas City

Johnny Moment:
- Keep Our Business To Yourself

Will Shade:
- I Got The Blues So Bad

Furry Lewis:
- Baby, I Know You Don't Love Me

Earl Bell:
- Terraplane Blues

Willie Mabon:
- Somebody's Got To Pay

Walter Horton:
- West Side Blues

Paul Butterfield Blues Band:
- One Room Country Shack

Little Brother Montgomery:
- Vicksburg Blues

Johnny Young:
- You Got Bad Blood, I Think You Need A Shot

Big Joe Williams:
- King's Highway Blues

am 2023-03-08 mit Hans Peter Müller

Nun hat ja die 27. Blueslawine am vergangenen Samstag stattgefunden. Wir von den Bluesverstärkern haben im Vorfeld natürlich einiges zu tun, so dass ich diese Sendung(en) schon recht früh geplant und konzipiert habe. Aber auch nach der Lawine sind noch Aufgaben zu erledigen. Zwar hatten die Greyhound George Band ("No Time To Cry") und die Vargas Blues Band ("Stoner Night") jeweils eine neue CD im Gepäck, aber ich kann sie erst am 22. 3. 23 vorstellen
Hans Peter Müller

Larkin Poe & The New Deco Ensemble:
- Sometimes
- Back Down South/Blue Sky
Paint The Roses, 2021

Hans Theessink & Blue Groove:
- Built For Comfort
- Jesus On The Mainline
- Cocaine Blues
- Shake Your Moneymaker
Live, 1992/93

Too Slim & The Taildraggers:
- Mississippi Moon
- Free Your Mind
- Blood Moon
- Letter
Brace Yourself - Live!, 2022

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Aufnahmen aus der schwedischen Reihe "I Blueskvarter, Chicago 1964, Vol. 2:

Paul Butterfield Blues Band:
- Help Me
- Last Night

Washboard Sam:
- All By Myself
- Booker T. Blues

John Lee Granderson:
- Easy Street
- That's All Right

Avery Brady:
- City Of New Orleans
- Gangster Blues

Little Brother Montgomery:
- Up The Country Blues
- Cow Cow Blues

Arvella Gray:
- John Henry
- Corrina, Corrina

St. Louis Jimmy Oden:
- Can't Stand Your Evil Ways
- Complete This Order
- Poor Boy Blues

John Lee Granderson:
- Minglewood Blues

Avery Brady:
- I Have A Woman Lives Down By The Sea

am 2023-02-22 mit Hans Peter Müller

Vargas Blues Band:
- Coward's Knife
- Do You Believe In Love
Blues Latino, 1994

Greyhound George Band:
- Messed-Up State Of Mind
- Alienation Blues
Get Up And Walk!, 2021

Vargas Blues Band:
- Blues Pilgrimage
- Love Ain't Nowhere To Go
Texas Tango, 1995

Greyhound George Band:
- Nightlife
- Nobody Wants A Bluesman
Electrified, 2020

Vargas Blues Band:
- Back Alley Blues
Gypsy Boogie, 1997

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Aufnahmen aus der schwedischen Reihe "I Blueskvarter" (= Die Bluesquartiere), Chicago 1964, Volume 1 (1999):

Willie Mabon:
- Michelle
- I Don't Know

James Brewer:
- Big Road Blues
- Blues In The Morning, Blues Every Turn Around

Eddie Boyd & Mike Bloomfield:
- Five Long Years
- Look Over Yonder Wall

Yank Rachell & J. L. Granderson & Mike Bloomfield:
- Every Night And Day I Hear My Baby Call My Name
- My Baby Rocks Me

Johnny Young:
- Why Did You Break My Heart
- Better Cut It Out

Sunnyland Slim & Mike Bloomfield:
- Sunnyland's Jump
- Rock Me

Walter Horton & Robert Nighthawk:
- Let's Have A Good Time
- I'm In The Mood
- Trouble In Mind

am 2023-02-08 mit Wolfgang Marx und Hans Peter Müller

Greyhound George Band
- Please Come Back
- Basic Blues
"Electrified" 2020

Vargas Blues Band
- Blues Latino (En Directo)
"Blues Latino" 1994
- Champagne & Reefer
"Stoner Nights" 2023 (März geplant)

Greyhound George Band
- Don't Call Me Lazy
- Build Me A Road
- Down Home Girl
"Electrified" 2020

Vargas Blues Band
- Romantic Warrior
"Back in Memphis" 2022
- Stoner Nights
"Stoner Nights" 2023 (März geplant)
- The Blues Is Alright
"Back in Memphis" 2022


Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Bad Temper Joe:
- Pink Panther
- Long Gone Friend Blues
- Travel Light
Glitter & Blues, 2022

Larkin Poe:
- Georgia Off My Mind
- Kick The Blues
- Summertime Sunset
Blood Harmony, 2022

Eddie 9 Volt:
- Yella Alligator
- Bout To Make Me Leave Home
- Down Along The Cove
Capricorn, 2023

Barbara Blue:
- Nutthouse Blues
- Severed
- Slide Man
- Trail Of Tears
From The Shoals, 2023

am 2023-01-25 mit Hans Peter Müller

Bob Corritore & Friends:
John Primer:
- Hiding Place
Diunna Greenleaf:
- You Shocked Me
Alabama Mike:
- Somebody Stole My Love From Me
Bob Stroger:
- Train Fare
Francine Reed:
- I Don't Need Your Permission
Billy Perry:
- Back To The Crossroads
Alabama Mike:
- Work To Be Done
Diunna Greenleaf:
Sunny Day Friends
V. A.: You Shocked Me, 2018 - 22, 2022

The Yardbirds:
- The Nazz Are Blue
Over Under Sideways Down (Roger The Engineer), 1966

Wentus Blues Band:
- Close Talker
- Cry For Me Baby
- Trainfare
From The Barrel, 2004 - 18, 2021

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Blue Moon Marquee:
- Trickster Coyote
- Saddle Sore
- Double Barrel Blues
- Ain't No Stranger
- Tossin' 'n' Turnin'
- Gypsy Blues
Gypsy Blues, 2016

Howard & The White Boys:
- What Would I Do?
- When The Rags's Pulled Out
- Don't You Leave Me
- Call Muddy Waters
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, 1997