am 2018-2018-2018 mit Hans Peter Müller, Oliver Imbrich-Hülsmann

Neues vom Blues:
Joe Bonamassa:
Pick Up The Pieces
Just 'Cos You Can Don't Mean You Should
I've Got Some Mind What Matters
(Redemption, 2018)
John Primer:
Let It Bleed
Buddy Guy:
Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Jimmy Burns:
Beast Of Burden
(Chicago Play The Stones, 2018)
Fred Chapellier:
If You Be My Baby
A Fool No More
(Fred Chapellier Plays Peter Green - Live, 2018)

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr noch mehr Neues vom Blues bei Crossroads:

John Campbelljohn:
Snow Blow Boogie Jam
Common Law Love
Whole Lotta Love
The Angry Man
(Double Down Blues, 2018)
Kirk Fletcher:
Two Steps Forward
You Need Me
Gotta Right
(Hold On, 2018)
Tony Joe White:
Bad Mouthin'
Boom Boom
Sundown Blues
(Bad Mouthin', 2018)