am 2021-08-11 mit Wolfgang Lampe

Tito Jackson:
- I Like It
- Under Your Spell
- That Kind Of Love
Under Your Spell, 2021

Tommy Z.:
- Full Elitist
- Ain't Gonna Wait
Plug In And Play, 2021

Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band:
- Ways And Means
- Crime To Be Poor
- 'Til We Die
- Nothing's Easy But You And Me
Dance Songs For Hard Times, 2021

Mike Zito:
- I'll Make Love To You
- Dreaming Of You
- Damned If I Do
- Running Man
Resurrection, 2021

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Inga Rumpf:
- Universe Of Dreams
- I Wrote A Letter
- Back To The Roots
- Slow Motion
Universe Of Dreams, 2021

Franck L. Goldwasser:
- Gonna Move To Texas
- Love Is Just A Gamble
- House Full Of Blues
- Slim's Business
- Sixth Avenue Meltdown
Going Back To Paris, 1998/99/2020