am 2021-11-03 mit Hans Peter Müller

Guy Davis:
- Flint River Blues
- I Got A Job in The City
- I Thought I Heard The Devil Call My Name
Be Ready When I Call You, 2021

Wayne Nicholson & John Campbelljohn:
- I May Be Wrong
- Knocking At Your Door
- Happy Home
- Strange Kinda Feeling
Elmore's Blues, 2021

Michael van Merwyk:
- Won't Get Any Better
- Keep Sinking
- The Blues Will Do Your Heart Good
Blue River Rising, 2021

Cephas & Wiggins:
- The Blues Will Do Your Heart Good
- No Ice In My Bourbon
Cool Down, 1995

John Sebastian & Arlen Roth:
- Jug Band Music
- Stories We Could Tell
Explore The Spoonful Songbook, 2021