am 2022-09-07 mit Wolfgang Marx

Bennet Matteo Band und Sean Webster Band

- Doesn't really matter
- Movin' on
- When I close my eyes
- Warm inside
- Oh Lord
Bennet Matteo Band – "Shake the Roots" 2022

- Heart still bleeds
- You got to know
- Slow Dancing in a burning Room
- Give me the Truth
Sean Webster Band – "Three Nights Live" 2022

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Willie Cobbs:
- You Don't Love Me
- Goin' To Mississippi
Down To Earth, 1994

Howard & The White Boys:
- I'm Gonna Hate Myself In The Morning
- Let Me Be Your Slave
- Havin' A Good Time Is A Full Time Job
- Strung Out On The Blues
- The Blues Are Killing Me
Strung Out On The Blues, 1994

Snowy White:
- Way Down In The Dark
- Driving On The 44
- Slinky Too
Driving On The 44, 2022