am 2023-02-22 mit Hans Peter Müller

Vargas Blues Band:
- Coward's Knife
- Do You Believe In Love
Blues Latino, 1994

Greyhound George Band:
- Messed-Up State Of Mind
- Alienation Blues
Get Up And Walk!, 2021

Vargas Blues Band:
- Blues Pilgrimage
- Love Ain't Nowhere To Go
Texas Tango, 1995

Greyhound George Band:
- Nightlife
- Nobody Wants A Bluesman
Electrified, 2020

Vargas Blues Band:
- Back Alley Blues
Gypsy Boogie, 1997

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Aufnahmen aus der schwedischen Reihe "I Blueskvarter" (= Die Bluesquartiere), Chicago 1964, Volume 1 (1999):

Willie Mabon:
- Michelle
- I Don't Know

James Brewer:
- Big Road Blues
- Blues In The Morning, Blues Every Turn Around

Eddie Boyd & Mike Bloomfield:
- Five Long Years
- Look Over Yonder Wall

Yank Rachell & J. L. Granderson & Mike Bloomfield:
- Every Night And Day I Hear My Baby Call My Name
- My Baby Rocks Me

Johnny Young:
- Why Did You Break My Heart
- Better Cut It Out

Sunnyland Slim & Mike Bloomfield:
- Sunnyland's Jump
- Rock Me

Walter Horton & Robert Nighthawk:
- Let's Have A Good Time
- I'm In The Mood
- Trouble In Mind