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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. -Pablo Picasso
  1. Giddens took the Come Hear North Carolina team across the state to Wilmington - to share the too-often-forgotten history of the Wilmington insurrection of 1898.
  2. The music we've heard from Chloe Kay & The Crusade is simple and soulful.
  3. Cherie Currie and Brie Darling played a raucous rock and roll show at the City Winery in Chicago with the help of a four-man backup band. Currie, the one-time lead singer of the seminal female band the Runaways, and Darling the on-again, off-again drummer for the pioneering women group Fanny, sang most of the songs from their recent excellent collaboration […]
  4. "With The Brotherhood, we’ve all got skin in the game; the pride of ownership."
  5. Thursday, November 21st The Last Waltz 2019 Tour came to the landmark Chicago Theatre 43 years to the week of the original final farewell concert of The Band. The 1976 Winterland Ballroom concert and subsequent Scorsese film are hailed as one of the most celebrated music milestones that still lives on decades later. Forever, the […]
  6. Buckley’s Chicago blues sound is melodic, rhythmic, and haunting.
  7. The 2009 performance catches Moore at the height of his blues prowess.
  8. One can see how David's voice would get coaches' easy chairs spinning like a demonic possession in a La-Z-Boy showroom.
  9. Ten years in the making, this film achieves exactly what Joann originally set out for: to find “that one thread that runs through somebody’s life that explains how they got this level of success,” as she puts it.
  10. "This song is about the anger and hurt you feel after getting blindsided by someone you love."