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NPR Music stories that feature blues music.
  1. The young proponent of traditional music brought a talented band, his astonishing imagination and a selection of what he calls "Black folk music from the future" to the Tiny Desk.
  2. Joe Bussard not only sought out obscure 78-rpm records that otherwise would have disappeared, but shared the music with giddy excitement.
  3. Watch Damien Sneed's exhilarating performance at Dizzy's Club in New York City.
  4. The Philly rocker's latest album is titled (watch my moves) and he joins me to talk about the moves he's been making, who he's been working with and lots more.
  5. Although inducted into the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, her contributions haven't always been properly acknowledged.
  6. The songs we love from the first half of the year span a wide emotional and musical range, from wild percussive romps to raw pleas for empathy to Beyoncé's command to leave it all on the dance floor.
  7. For 50 years, Keb's made music that's resonated deeply with people — and he's nowhere close to calling it a career. His latest album is Good to Be.
  8. As far as we know, Marcus King never went to the crossroads at midnight, but he did have a guitar in his hands about the same time he learned to walk.
  9. From Hozier to Kacey Musgraves, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jade Bird, Janelle Monae and Hop Along, 2018 was peppered with excellent releases from all genres of music.
  10. The track shimmies with head-bobbing rhythm, augmented by its harmonica vamp and Vane's confident slide playing.
  11. Justin Golden takes a story of heartbreak and loss and makes it sound like we should all be so lucky to have the blues like he does.
  12. Bonnie Raitt's new single shows that the 72-year-old blues-rock treasure is the master of the form.
  13. Todd Snider makes his 16th appearance on the Mountain Stage.
  14. The blues singer plays a solo Tiny Desk home concert from a spare, dimly lit Austin office building.
  15. In 2007, was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship Genius grant for unearthing and sharing that rich, connected history of the blues and its African roots.