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Moderation: Hans Peter Müller

The Bluesanovas:
- Back On My Feet
- You Hurt Me
- Won't You Make Up Your Mind
- Tom's Feet
- Live It Or Leave It
Big Love, 2023

Dave Goodman:
a) Who Do You Love
b) All Along The Watchtower
c) Sympathy For The Devil
Moments, 2008

Muddy What?:
- Much Too Loud
- Muddy's Joy
- Ina's Boogie
Spider Legs, 2023

Minnie Marks:
- Trouble With The Troubadour
- Butter Wouldn't Melt
- 60/40 Love
- Golden Food And Amber Fuels
Trouble With The Troubadour, 2018

Dave Goodman:
- Tiger By The Tail
Moments, 2008