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am 2022-10-19 mit Wolfgang Marx

- Harpin' Awhile
- Rambler's Blues
- Isolation
- It Is What It Is
- Look At Me
- Made Up My Mind
- Hey Fever Man
- Born To Lose
- Saxtrain
- All Because Of You
- Just One More Week
- Come Back Home To Me
- Youngblood Guitar
- Liars And Fools
- Sitting Here Drinking

Roger C. Wade, Egidio "Juke Ingala, Aki Kumar - Harmonika, Gesang
Bob Corritore: Harmonika
Balta Bordoy, Jaska Prepula, Andreas Arlt, T-Man Michalke - Gitarre
Frank L. Goldwasser, Till Seidel, Michael van Merwyk, Kai Strauss: Gitarre, Gesang
Bonita Niessen - Gesang
Henning Hauerken, Jaska Prepula, Dirk Vollbrecht: Bass
Marion Wade, Nico Dreier: Piano
Nico Dreyer: Orgel
Tommy Schneller: Saxofan
Alex Lex, Michael Maas, André Werkmeister: Schlagzeug

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Buddy Guy:
- Blues Don't Lie
- The World Needs Love
- What's Wrong With That
- Gunsmoke Blues
The Blues Don't Lie, 2022

Shemekia Copeland:
- Too Far To Be Gone
- Fried Catfish And Bibles
- Barefoot In Heaven
- The Dolls Are Sleeping
Done Come Too Far, 2022

Paul Jones:
- The Blues Band
- Living For The Day
- Can't Believe It
- It's Got To Be The Blues
- I Need You
The Blues, 2022