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am 2023-05-03 mit Hans Peter Müller

Mud Morganfield:
- Short Dressed Woman
- Go Ahead And Blame Me
Portrait, 2022

Austin Walking Cane:
- Same Bad Habits
- Highway 61 Revisited
Muscle Shoals, 2022

Ana Popovic:
- Strong Taste
- Ride It
Power, 2023

Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia:
- Hey Sweet Mama
- My Business
- You're Gonna Burn
- Bag Me, Tag Me, Take Me Away
- One Step Ahead Of The Blues
Blood Brothers, 2023

Walk The Walk:
- You Can't Stay Here
- Still A Fool
- Good Woman
Big World Of Trouble, 2022

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Nick Schnebelen:
- Ten Years After, Fifty Years Later
- What Key Is Trouble In?
- Blues Nights
- Poor Side Of Town
What Key Is Trouble In?, 2022

Nalani Rothrock:
- Every Time I Close My Eyes
- How Long
- Try
The Rock House Sessions, 2022

The Cash Box Kings:
- Down On The South Side
- Please Have Mercy
- Hot Little Mess
- Nobody Called It The Blues
- Trying So Hard
- She Dropped The Axe On Me
Oscar's Motel, 2022