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Moderation: Hans Peter Müller

Backtrack Blues Band:
- Make My Home In Florida
- Your Funeral And My Trial
- Shoot My Rooster
Make My Home In Florida, 2017

Deb Ryder:
- Temporary Insanity
- Guilty As Sin
- Any Bottle On The Shelf
- Blues Is All I Got
Live And Havin' Fun, 2024

Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz:
- Feel So Good
- Fattening Frogs For Snakes
- Born With The Blues
Blues In The Night - Live At Temperance, 2023

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Yuchi Hamaguchi:
- Wakinotani
- Hangover Shuffle
- Tokio Summit
Going Home, 2015

Nick Gravenites with Pete Sears:
- Poor Boy
- Blackberry Jam
- Blues Back Off Of My
Rogue Blues, 2024

Joanne Shaw Taylor:
- Sweet Lil' Lies
- Black Magic
- A Good Goodbye
- Someone Like You
Heavy Soul, 2024

Nick Estrin & The Night Cats:
- Somewhere Else
- I Ain' Worried About Nothin'
- I Finally Hit The Bottom
The Hits Keep Coming, 2024